As the manufacturer of water chilling plants with nominal cooling capacity for various industrial applications. The system of water chilling plant is to deliver chilled water to the end user.  We only use the latest technology equipment in manufacturing water chilling plants ensuring an ideal solution for water cooling of industrial process.

Industrial water chillers are widely used in industries, including plastic & rubber machinery, electroplating, pharmacy, chemical engineering, ultrasonic cooling and printing. They can precisely control temperature in any process requiring water cooling, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of production. industrial water chiller with simple operation, reasonable design, high quality and hundreds of specifications, is an indispensable companion of modern industrial production

Industrial Water Chiller/Water Chiller/Water Cooling Machine Feature :

1.Employing all new imported compressor, with longer terms of service.
2.High efficiency evaporator and cooling condenser in use, to help save no less than 30% of your power rates.
3.High precision, temperature control to save energy.
4.Complete with safety protection and error indication system.

Item Specification / Supplier
Cooling capacity Model Any
ton/h 23
Power input kw 22
Max Current A 48.5
Power Supply 460V-3N-60HZ
Temp Control Scope (℃)   7- Normal atmospheric temperature
refrigerant control Expansion valve
Refrigeration circle two
refrigerant any
Dimension(mm)L*W*H 1640*800*1500
Compressor style Hermetic scroll
quantity(set) 2
Condenser Style Shell and Tube /  1set
Pipe size(G) 2″
Chilled water flow(m3/h) 17
Evaporator Style Heat exchanger /  1set
Cold water flow(m3/h) 14
Pipe size(G) 2″
Tank size(L) 405
Water Pump(hp) 3
Protector Device 1,Phase protector

2,Fan overload protector

3,High/low voltage protector

4,Coil overheat protector

5,Anti-freeze protector

Unit Weight(kg) 620
Main  Parts
Compressor Sanyo
Electronic LS  /  Carlo
Electromagnetically valve Emerson
Expansion Valve Emerson

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