Our expert group is proficient in creating and supplying of the admired quality of the brine chillers in Gujarat. Warmth exchange through this hardware gives considerably quicker and progressively uniform item temperature decrease and this chiller of our company is very requested for use in nourishment department, Chemical Industry, Plastic Processing Units and a variety of sustenance things; for example, meat, dairy items and solidified things are kept in chillers at an explicit temperature for protecting their quality and timeframe of realistic usability. Our brine water chiller is generally utilized over the business for creating and also keeping up the chilled saline solution through productive salt water process. Our Brine Chiller that we formulate and deliver is easy to get at the sparing rate.

This Chillers are a course of action when cooling mode is water nearby glycol and this happens when less fluid temperature is required on glycol ought to be incorporated to the chilly water as to secure it against solidifying. Also, our Brine Chillers can be fused with air-cooled condenser and Close by these chillers can work with a different evaporative or air-cooled condenser.

These chillers can be introduced indoor or open air in any apparatus room. Besides, our chillers are on the other hand incorporated with a novel coordinating instrument allowing continuous smooth even in short encompassing temperatures. Also, our plant is known for its long life, amazing temperature strength and simple to clean highlights.


Brine Chiller Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in USA, UK, South-Africa, South-Korea, South-America, South-Kenya, Canada, Ukraine, Uganda
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