Portable Air Cooled Chillers is specially designed for lead-free peak wave and reflow soldering machines with smart profile, diffident models with temperature: above 10℃, range 5~10℃. 0~5℃. -5~-15℃.


1. International advanced scroll compressor
2. High efficiency air condenser and Large wind volume axial flow design.
3. Easy to install, dispense with cooling water pump.
4. High efficiency, Low noise centrifugal water pump.
5. The unit has double refrigerating circuit.
6. Small chiller has caster on chassis for easy manoeuvrability.
7. Microelectronics control.

Detailed Product Description

Cooling Capacity 7120kcal/h;7.55KW
Power Supply 3V/380V/50Hz
Compressor 2.25KW
Temperature Range 3-normal
Fan Power 0.37KW
Air Speed 10M/S
Air Volume 500 m3/h
Air Pressure 300PA
Current 10A
Power Total 3KW
Dimension L1050×W600×H1120mm

To give you our best offer one time,please indicate:
1.What is the cooling capacity you need?
2.Air cooled or water cooled?As you see,water cooled need a separated cooling tower .
3.What is the air outlet temperature?
4.What is the power supply?
5.What is the air speed and air volume?
6.Is there any special requirement for the refrigerant?

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